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Once Upon a "Glee-do"

Okay so I kinda lost a lot of drive to write recently and i fully apologise for that, now for the explaination of the title, I'm gonna be re-planning a LOT of songs and a few plotlines so yeah my biggest announcement is about Mirror, Mirror after having a good long think I'm scrapping the mashup idea AND changing the partners so I'll put the names in a randomiser and only ten of the characters will sing in the episodes :)
Also I hope to have Bring It On finished and up by November 9 :)
You know you love me
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Episode 1

It has been published y'all! :D
Episode 1: Chapter 1: A New Beginning
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Season 1

Please check out the Season 1 Episode Suggestions page I need your help guys
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I shall be back on Monday (New Zealand)
Love always
Hinton :)
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Right so yeah I want to have tributes but I don't know what artists to do so I'm gonna give everyone to put two artists/musicals they love on this post and then they will be randomised and faced off against each other, so in the end there will be five tributes this season and the non selected tributes will face off with another set to be featured in Season 2  :)
My artists are Lady GaGa and Kelly Clarkson... So yeah happy posting y'all :D
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Before The Spell Section

You may opt to do these yourself BUT if you have not done them by 17th of May (GWT +12 Time Zone) I will write them for you. (You will be allowed to tweak them as well) :)
P.S. I am going out of town tommorrow and will not be here to do anything until Monday. I trust all of you BUT whilst I'm away Olivia (UndercoverGleek1) will be in charge. Also I'm looking for a 2nd In Charge if anyone wants this just reply :D
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I am currently thinking about making a pinterest account for this fiction where we can share ideas on competition outfits, episode looks etc. do you guys think this is a good idea or not?
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