Characters Staff Dorothy Dandridge Killian "Hook" Jones Mary Margaret Blanchard Robert Cloak Zara Sugars The Flawless Fantasies Alyssa Hart Amelia Boyd Arthur Smith Briar Rowe Chandler Little Danny Tomlinson Eric Goldberg Henley Darling Hinton Bextor Isabelle Lamontague The Flawless Fantasies Kiara Wileteen Kyler Wilde Liam Calder Martin Green Michael Friend Peter Pratt Rachel Powell Tiana Dunlop The Poison Apples Annie Adams Audrey Boyd Herk Olympus Percy Stavros Raleigh Wolff Zachery Dodge Season One Episodes Chapter 1: A New Beginning Laced With Poison Bring It On Gaga For GaGa MashTube Opposites Attract Burning Bright Dance For Me Mirror, Mirror Who's The Diva Now? Songs Thank You Somewhere Starlight Here's To Never Growing Up What I Did For Love An Honest Mistake It's Time A Place In This World/Innocent

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