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I am currently thinking about making a pinterest account for this fiction where we can share ideas on competition outfits, episode looks etc. do you guys think this is a good idea or not?

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Oh my gosh! Yes! :D

I'd be totally down for making the competition outfits on polyvore, too. I can't get enough of that website lately!

i dont use pentrest but i be willing to give it a go for this fan fic

Oh yes I do enjoy polyvore! That's actually a much better one! Thanks for that Disney! :D

Hahahha, no problem! :)

Alright so here is the link to my profile unfortunately I can't make a group until I get 30 followers so we'll just have to do it manually for now...

If you wnted us to make could just e-mail us the username/password? Like, we could all give you our e-mails (I wouldn't give it away here just in case some troll sees it and tries to delete stuff)

That is a great idea Disney! I'll make an actuall wiki one (Thank God for old unused emails) and email you all the username/password :) I think it'd be better in chat so if you see me in chat come in a pm your email :)


Trying to join chat but it wont let me

iIl tell you here, My Email

dont judge me on the 69 part. I was young, did not know what it ment, and yahoo offered it as a alternat email

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