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Season 1

Please check out the Season 1 Episode Suggestions page I need your help guys

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I shall be back on Monday (New Zealand)

Love always

Hinton :)

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i suggested a lot
how do you like them?

I like it... But Let It Be was a tribute so it'd have to go into the poll for the tributes. See here.

Also I'm kinda unsure about Tick Tock cause that's a really dangerous road to go down if I write it even slightly wrong someone may get VERY offended

How. Half the show is based on Once apon a time

...People going missing, suicide, school shootings, annoymous threats of death. ALL very touchy subjects. I can write suicide, self harm and eating disorder storylines well cause I've been there and know how to word them so people don't get upset the others however I don't know about.

well you can still do the threts without anyone going missing

but i usnderstande where your comeing from, one more thing

if you use my Party Like A Rockstar episode idea, it be nice if Midnight City by M83 was featered somehow

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