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Once Upon a "Glee-do"

Okay so I kinda lost a lot of drive to write recently and i fully apologise for that, now for the explaination of the title, I'm gonna be re-planning a LOT of songs and a few plotlines so yeah my biggest announcement is about Mirror, Mirror after having a good long think I'm scrapping the mashup idea AND changing the partners so I'll put the names in a randomiser and only ten of the characters will sing in the episodes :)

Also I hope to have Bring It On finished and up by November 9 :)

You know you love me



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I haven't heard from her in a long time, I wonder if she's still alive to be honest... :/

She's still alive (I hope, I dont really know)  but she hasnt been on in a while :\

Hmmm I wonder what's going on with her :/
Yeah....hope she's ok

Well I know she's around, she just auditioned for Patrick's new fanfic 


2 things

Ooh, New fan fic, Link?

Love the new idea for Mirrors, Sting is a perfect match for something Chandler would sing. Sting is one of my favorits, Can't wait to find out what song it is


Also, our you ever going to make those 4 other episode pages or wait till it eaching nearer, because its just completely bugging me that i don't know what Flawless Club 7 and All i Ever Wanted are about


I'm still alive and okay, thanks for the concern. But, I recently got bombarded with tests and assignments, plus extracurriculars such as volleyball and drama (which I had my audition for today, fingers crossed), so while I've been able to audition (which is basically just copying and pasting with a few minor tweaks) and browse around the wiki I haven't really had a whole lot of time to respond to messages or really be online. But, for the most part my tests have slowed down, so I have a bit more free time therefore I will be around more often! :)

P.S. I really like this idea, it's sometimes good to go around a revamp some ideas. I also like that you're choosing the songs because tbh I suck at it and mostly choose songs based on my own personal preference.

can someone give me th to the fan fic




I'm gonna wait. Seriously *facepalm* Flawless Club 7 is the S Club (7) tribute and All I Ever Wanted is the Kelly Clarkson tribute from the polls...


Oh good, glad to see you're alive! :D Yikes, I know the feeling love...

Thanks yeah, I guessed as much with them all being very recent songs :)

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