Danny-Eric Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Danric, Deric, Tomberg, Goldinson
Intimacy Level: Boyfriends
Started Dating: Laced With Poison
Dating Status: Dating

The Danny-Eric Relationship, commonly known as Danric, is the relationship between Danny Tomlinson and Eric Goldberg.

They met in the first episode, Chapter 1: A New Beginning.


Season OneEdit

Chapter 1: A New BeginningEdit

Danny first meets Eric when Principal Sugars gets Danny to show Eric around seen as he's new to Storybrooke High School, when he first sees Eric Danny is shocked at how attractive he is. Danny learns eric is in the same math class as him and walks him there explaining some of the happenings at Storybrooke High. The next time they see one another is in Danny's art class when Eric sits with Danny's usual group but the two don't talk to one another.

Danny then continues his tour by teaching him about the social standings at the school, he concludes by summing up that he has met the worst people at the school and will now meet the best, his friends.