Danny Tomlinson
Danny Tomlinson
General Information
Enchanted Forest Character: Odile
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: March 14th
Height: 5'5
Sexuality: Gay
Address: Storybrooke, Maine
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Odile
Daniel Tomlinson
The Black Swan
Tomlinson (Robert & Zara)
Mr Tomlinson (Zara)
Dan (Rachel)
Your Honkness (Martin)
Pond Breath (Audrey)
Other Information
Education: Storybrooke High School
Strengths: Sarcasm
Weaknesses: Unwilling to open up
Series Information
First appearance: Chapter 1: A New Beginning
Portrayer: Josh Hutcherson

Danny Tomlinson is a main character in Once Upon a Gleeful Time. He is the Storybrooke version of Odile from The Swan Princess. He is a student at Storybrooke High School and is a member of the school's glee club, The Flawless Fantasies.

Danny is portrayed by The Hunger Games and Bridge To Terabithia star Josh Hutcherson and was created by Purple-Glee-Project.


Before the SpellEdit

Danny lived in The Enchanted Forest in a charming small village near Swan Lake, he was called Odile back then, his whole life he had spent trying to show he was just as good as Odette, whom he lived in the shadow of, he was called The Black Swan due to him being the complete opposite to Odette, The White Swan. When brought to Storybrooke he decided this would be a new start and called himself Daniel Tomlinson, to start fresh from his days as Odile, unfortunately Odette decided she would base her name on his by reversing the initials, he currently lives with Odette, now named Tiana Dunlop, and Zara Sugars their caregiver.

Season 1Edit

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Danny is first seen waiting outside Ms. Sugars' office waiting to be called in, when he is called in he finds out he's not in trouble but instead asked to show new student Eric around, after introductions they both went to math class on the way they dicuss who they were back in The Enchanted Forest, when they arrive Mr. Cloak says that Danny is late for math again, Danny takes his seat next to Rachel they quickly discuss Eric, at the end of the scene he tells Rachel to shut up. He is seen in the next scene with The Princess Collection discussing Eric, Anna is quick to fan girl over the fact that "her prince has come" irking Danny and making him run off to art class awkwardly. He is seen next in art sitting with his usual group, when Henley talks about the glee club, Danny says it's social suicide, he quickly calls Martin a street rat after Martin points out that Danny was a ballerina in The Enchanted Forest, in the end he votes against joining glee club. Danny is seen for the last time after art class showing Eric around the cafeteria naming the jocks and Audrey, the worst people he'll ever meet, opposed to his group which he calls he best people Eric will ever meet.


Danny is snide and cruel, it's fitting that he's the Black Swan because he is pure nastiness in human form. But Danny has his moments when his anger can be directed only at those who hurt him or those he cares about.



Season 1Edit


Solos In A Group NumberEdit

Song Title Original Artist(s) Episode Sung With
I Love It Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX Laced With Poison The Flawless Fantasies
Fuck You Lily Allen The Flawless Fantasies and The Poison Apples