Alright so my creative juices have officially run dry so I'm giving you guys the chance to pitch your ideas for episodes. :)

My Previous IdeasEdit

Also I'm giving you guys a list of episodes that I may or may not tweak to fit the story line. If you guys want some of these comment the ones you would like :)

Original Title New Title Original Fanfic Centric Character(s)
Gettin' Paper Materialists Glee: Glins AmeliaAnnaChandlerHintonKyler & Martin
Diva/Divo Who's The Diva Now? Glee: Fusion The Divas
Battle Of The
Bring It On Glee: Glins TBA
Pre-Made Mashes  MashTube Core 10 (Maybe. Not really sure yet though)

Plot ChangesEdit

  1. Materialists: When thrust into a whole new world where materialism is widely accepted The Flawless Fantasy members who had very little or even nothing in The Enchanted Forest start to get greedy wanting more and more, can Mary Margaret, Dorothy and the other Flawless Fantasies bring them back to down to earth or will they be lost to the paper trail?
  2. Who's The Diva Now?: When many in The Flawless Fantasies start to get big headed thinking they're the top dog in glee club Mary Margaret and Dororthy decide to have a little friendly contest between the kids having them perform some of the greatest divas in music.
  3. Bring It On: When the boys complain about all the "girly music" they've been performing in glee club, Dorothy decides to get the club to face off in a boys versus girls competition, with a catch the boys MUST perform songs by female artists so they accept the fact that they will have to sing female artists in glee club, while she sets the girls with performing male artists so they realise even though there are more female artists in the music industry the male's are just as good.
  4. MashTube: When the core 10 members of The Flawless Fantasies stumble upon mega mashups on YouTube they plead with Mary Margaret and Drorthy to let them do a week worth of mashups from YouTube only.

If you can think of any other ones I have written/shown to you that you loved and would like to be featured just tell me.

Events/episodes that will definitly be featured this seasonEdit

  • Another mashup episode (Like Vitamin D/Mash Off etc.)
  • A house party episode
  • Sectionals
  • A body swap episode (Self-acceptance week)